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The Snakeboard Pro

The Snakeboard Pro

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Introducing The Snakeboard Pro. The original 90's carver has shed its skin fresh for 2024. A board that will put a smile on your face every time you ride.  Its unique movement means you can ride without ever putting your feet on the ground:  Perfect for cruising across town, or speeding across that last mile of your journey.  

 🏂  Practice your flow: Without Snow even in the off-season.

🏄 Carry on carving: Build that muscle memory  even when the surf is flat.

🐍  No Batteries, No Charging:  You power the board along with your upper body along with your feet on the two pivoting plates connected by a central bar. You never have to take your feet off the board. Even uphill!

🐍  Ride the Rhythm, don't break it: Make hopping up and down curbs a breeze by adding the FWD Cross Straps. (Sold HERE as a bundle with The Snakeboard Pro)

🐍  Build balance: Whilst you cultivate you coordination with the full body movement.

🐍  A Wavy Workout: A fun way to get outdoors whilst working out you legs bum and tum. 

🐍  Carve Deeper: With the Surfskate Style Front Truck.  Plus it helps to learn the Snakeboard movement faster.

🐍 Ready to Rip: The Snakeboard Pro has pre-drilled holes ready for FWD Cross Straps or a full set of snowboard style bindings.

🐍 Super Soft Wheels: The 85a 80mmx43mm Wheels will eat up cracks like a snake consuming its lunch.

🐍 Uncoil your creativity: An optional extra Fixed truck to rip up the Skatepark. (Sold HERE as an optional extra.

🐍  Stable at Speed: The 50cm stance gives you a sturdy base at high speeds. 



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