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The Snakeboard Comp

The Snakeboard Comp

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 The Snakeboard Comp is the perfect board for the casual carver. With its compact lightweight design its perfect for sneaking in a wavy work at the either end of a commute, to the gym or to and from school. It'll fit in most lockers and easily stash under a cafe table. Plus its much more fun than walking! 

  • Easy to Learn: The Snakeboard Comp come complete with the surfskate style flowing front truck, making it easier to learn the unique Snakeboard movement
  • A Wavy Workout: You power the board with your upper body along with your feet.  A full body workout, burning calories has never been this fun. 
  • Carry on Carving: You never have to step off to move, even uphill! 
  • A Seriously Fun Stance: The shorter bar makes it great for kids and kidults alike.
  •  Balance is Beautiful: Snakeboarding builds balance, cultivates coordination and is a fun way to get outdoors. 

Once you learn the wavy ways of the Snakeboard, you'll be craving your next carve. Plus join the growing community of diverse riders worldwide.  

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