Mario Kurrle: Welcome to Dimension Interview

So bro, you are the first new rider to be put on Dimension for 6 years since David La Rotta.  How does it feel to join this legendary team?

Dude I’m still thinking about whats happened.   Just crazy to be a part of it.

Did you ever think you’d join them so quickly?

No I didn’t because I thought it’s one of the best streetboard teams in the world. I was really suprised that they asked me….. Dude I’m in a streetboard team with legends; Sergi Gotti …Now I’m really proud of it and I hope I fill all the expectations from Dimensions because its a honour for me to be in it

What do you expect from Dimension yourself goin’ forwards. They seem to have been quiet, but it looks like things are hotting up again?
Yeah I think for Dimension it’s a new beginning and I’m glad that I am a part to help the company to gettin’ more up to date.. Yeah I really believe that the upcoming time will be sick. I expect that in the coming times Dimension will support the riders better then any time before.
Man. I think you first came on my radar was last year at London Calling when you crashed at True Skool Mansions. How long have you been riding?
Since I bought my first highland flare 50 streetboard I think I was 12 or 13 years old, but I learned it on an old plastic board that I borrowed from a friend. I can’t remember how it was called.
So like 6 years. Bang. How old were you when Left for Dead came out ? (2005)
I was 9.  For sure it was before I Start riding streetboard.
For sure. So you have a nickname…Mango Junior. How did that come about?
I got it in Cali on the Red Pen Strapped In and What tour. We were together in the kitchen and there was a girl her Name is Shannon, she asked who I am and I answered hey I’m Mario and she didn’t get it and asked Mango? Everyone starting with laughing and I think Bob (Ismael Calvo) told her that Mango is a fruit and not a name.  The Junior come about that I always skate and Film with Thomas Kienle and everyone said that Thomas is my father so they called me Mango Junior such a stupid story Haha.
Papa Kienle!!!! The Legend!  So you are killing it at street but also you’ve been doing the Vert Alert contest. What do you prefer to ride?
Street for sure I only do this contest to get in the Woodward I think there is a Street section too.  Haha no both is streetboarding and I have fun in skating vert and also in Street.
You’ve been filming for the Ositos Video. How’s your section going ?
It’s hard to catch up the other guys but it’s still working. I only filmed for it half a year. It’s not that easy when you want a perfect video before it Pops out.
Yeah man. I always remember a singer saying an album is never finished, the release date just comes.  Same with a section.  What other sponsors do you have?
Papa Kienle that’s all.  Ositos streetboard store.
What do you actually do when you’re not Streetboarding?
Hanging up with friends snowboarding and also I play football once a week.
And for monies?
I work in a workshop as a car mechanic.
Cool bro. Well congratulations. Any last words or thanks you’s?
Yeah big thanks to Thomas Kienle who pick me up at my house so many times and also to two good friends they borrow me everytime their cars when I need it to go streetboarding and to Dimension to gave me another motivation to skate more and more.
Thank you bro!

Eric Brun is on Gazpacho – Exclusive Interview

  • Ok. So congratulations on joining Gazpacho bro. How do you feel? 

Haha thank you Jay!! Its a pleasure for me to be part of a team that is making this sport bigger and stronger

 How did it come about that you ended up on the team?

Well it is a long story… It starts at the beginning of Gazpacho’s life when Gabi offered me to be part of it and unfortunately I refused because I had another plans that couldn’t be done..  At Worlds he gave me another chance to join them and actually I had to think about it because I had also other offer.  But I couldn’t say no!!  And  I’m so happy about my decision

 Sweet man! It’s sick. I remember meeting Gabi in a suburb of Barcelona when he was 14 and now as well as sick rider he runs a board company. Apart from Gabi, which other riders do you rate in the team?
Well, Gazpacho team has some good riders… like Max… he always shows us whats on the next level on streetboard, all the flips and tricks that not many people can do, the other one is Nacho, who’s style amazes me with those alley-oops, corks 540, etc.  Berni, what can I say hahah he is extremely fearless… he can do 720 anywhere he wants and he is always planning his lines and Cris, who has been one of my favourite influences on the scene and I’ve reached my level thanks to him… I always loved his style!!  finally there’s Toni and Gabi… who both have made a part of my growth in the sport in all sessions I’ve shared with them!! I love skating with them… they all produce happiness to me while skating and they make me enjoy the moment we have together!

Yeah the team is pretty solid. What do you hope to achieve by joining the team? 

Well there’s is always a BUT, the point here is to enjoy all the way together and make this world bigger how I said before! I think Gazpacho has made a change on the Streetboard World, different shapes and stances, I actually like them.  There’s some little things that I would change in the board to be more comfy. But I think that is gonna be able to happen now that Im part of the team, because Gabi care about our opinion and ideas.

That’s exactly how it should roll, you are the top riders and you know what’s needed to push it further. Also you have your signature wheels on Turunflun Republic. They’re pushing you faster and higher right?  

Dudee!!  They ride so smooth and besides they have no grip, they are quite fast and solid!! I really love them!  And Turunflun is supporting me so hard!! And I appreciate that so much!


Cool Homie! Well we wish you best of luck in the future and thanks for your time. Any last words?

I hope these next years our sport goes big and strong as it deserves… And I hope everything we are doing for it now gets good results!! Thanks to everyone who’s involved!! I love you guys! Thank you Jay!! I really appreciatte what you are doing!


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