Rafael Rodriguez: Vert Alert Winner

Colombian winner of Vert Alert Rafael Rodriguez flying high
Since January, The Vert Alert contest, masterminded by Gabi Muñoz and supported by Gazpacho Streetboards and Dimension Streetboards, has been running monthly.  The results are now in, and the deserving winner is Rafael Rodriguez of Colombia.  The lucky man will be spending a week in China’s Woodward skate camp with super pro’s Gabi himself along with the legend Sergi Nicolas.  We had a couple of words:
OK, First up, How do you feel after winning the Vert Alert contest?
Soo happy to win and also to learn more Vert.
And when do you go to China?
The 29th of this month.
Will it be your first time in China?
Yes, and also my first time out of Colombia!
Yeah? Damn homie…..That’s unreal…..
Yes, it’s a dream come true.  To get to know Gabi and skate one week with him and Sergi in Woodward.  I’m going to go crazy! Ha ha ha.
Siiiiick!. How is Streetboarding in Colombia?
There’s 10 of us that meet once per week to skate in some places in Bogota.  Two are like the teachers, that have skated for a long time and are like 40 years old and are super good.  We’re super good friends and each one pushes the other to keep on riding.
Sick! And you skate Street as well?
Street also.  Bogota has some good spots.  This year we have new skateparks, and its really good to get to know the city. 
Sweet. Anything else you wanna say?
Yeah, I want to invite all the riders of the world to come to Colombia.  I also want to bring boards into Colombia so that more people can start to Streetboard.
Perfecto bro….Una otra vez felicidades

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