Fifty Three and What!

Going for Gold at the Track

With the World’s eyes on Brazil, we thought it was time to get in on the action. Streetboarding, like Japan (next Olympics I’ve heard zimmer 100m will be joining skateboarding on the schedule ), has an ageing population.

So many times I hear, from others as well as my inner voice, that they’re getting too old for this shit.

Well tell that to Pedrao .

He’s still rolling at no less than 53 Years old. That’s 10 years on Ingo Föhre. Fifty Three and Fucking What! Big thanks to the juicy master Diego Romero for the pics and translation!

Interview by Jay Nowman

My man, so you probably are the oldest active Streetboarder: How old are you and where are you from?

53 years old from São Paulo, Brazil.

Backside Over K

How long ago did you start riding?

I skate since I was 14 years old on a skateboard and switched to streetboard on year 98/99, don’t remember exactly, I use to ride both boards at the beginning of the snakeboard days, now only Streetboard!

What do you normally ride?

I’ve always liked transitions, mini ramps, bowls, halfpipes.

Brazil has a pretty sketchy reputation, is it really that bad?

Brazil is very big, there are a lot of problems like any other countries, but it’s a great country to live, NEEDS TO CHANGE THE POLITICIANS

I’m 34 and my knees are already on their way out; how do you keep on riding?

I’ve been hurting myself with skateboard and with a streetboard, but it was just a dislocated arm, hahahaha, maybe until year 3000 I stop, hahaha

Floating on the Frontside
Floating on the Frontside

Have you ever made it over to Europe or the States to ride?

I’ve never got out from Brazil, I’d love to be on a world championship of Streetboarding and know everybody in person.

Name one of your favourite rider and why?

Without detracting anyone I like a lot TANCREDE LECA, I think he is incredible in transitions. There are also big names but I couldn’t say right now…

On piece of advice for the kids?

Do what gives you pleasure.

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