Vert Alert Last Month: Gabi Muñoz Explains


So it’s the last month of Vert Alert…just let us know the concept quickly?  

Vertalert is a call to empower Vert Riding. Vert is one of the most spectacular disciplines in Streetboard and the contest has a double objective: One is to bring new riders to learn Vert. The other, discovering talent around the world unknown to the public spotlight. Its free and anyone in the world can register & win.

What’s the prize? 

Every month has a random prize.

The winner at the end of the contest wins a fully paid 1week trip to Woodward Beijing with Sergi Nicolas & myself. Woodward is one of the best training facilities in the world, with foam pits, resi, etc. It’s a dream to a lot of riders.

Who is leading so far? 

Rafael Rodriguez (Colombia) is top today. He just passed over So-Ga (Japan) who was top for the last 4months, but missed June submission because of rainy season in Tokyo and lack of indoor verts.



How do the points work? 

This is a Online contest through Facebook, so its:

40% on-line impact.

60% judging

On-line Impact:

Each rider gets 50points every month for submitting a video, that rewards consistency, the key of vert riding!

Then every Like👍 in (both vertalert & rider wall video) gives the rider 1point. Every Share (from Vertalert wall only) gives the rider 5 points.

The most successful video in a month will get 4scores, no submitting gets 0, the rest of videos get a proration of that month maximum’s punctuation.

60% comes out of judges, based on each rider evolution, thats why a beginner learning a lot can get higher score than say Sergi Nicolas pulling 900’s.

When both advanced rider and beginner shows similar level of learning, advanced skills will get the judging favour…but thats’ very hard, the learning curve speed benefits beginners unless a retired pro goes back to the game very strong, or a Pro is pretending to fail tricks first month jajajaja.

Is there any way for someone to enter in the last month? 

Yes, you can submit July’s video submission today. Just visit and follow “how it works” instructions, pretty much is letting us know who you are and sending us a video edit link before August 16th. Anyone can win any month’s award.

What inspired you to set up vert alert?

Streetboarding is meant to help riders live unforgettable experiences, and I thought it would bring some magic to bring someone from anywhere in the World, regardless of skating level, down to Woodward in China with two World Champions to accompany his skating sessions for a week.

Dimension, Gazpacho boards & Streetboard Spain supported the contest, and Streetboard Spain supported judging so…I couldn’t resist!

What differentiates Streetboarding on vert against say skateboarding? 

Whats different between Snowboarding on Vert and Skateboarding on Vert?

Sweet bro.  Well let the best man win.

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